Kickstarter brings together art and science

Having worked in a product design firm for some time, I have a deep appreciation for good design. It is difficult for people who have not launched products to understand the sweat and blood that goes in to taking even a very simple idea from conception to market. Websites such as are a great crowdfunded venue for budding product designers to bring their inventions into the market. Below is a snapshot from a kickstarter newsletter talking about some of their projects related to art and product design.

Independent artists and arts organizations have used Kickstarter to make some of the most powerful art of our time. See how creators like The Royal Academy of Arts, Creative Time, Swoon, and Olafur Eliasson are breaking new ground — and get to know Kickstarters arts community and mission — at

Five artistic projects worth your while

Connecting children across the globe through dance

Modern hieroglyphic carvings as storytelling pieces for South Central L.A.

Transforming public spaces into sites for collaborative discourse and discovery

Illuminating the relationships between Black artists and arts institutions in the U.S.

A hotel cleaning staff teams up with professional dancers for this one-of-a-kind performance

Last chance to back

A riveting true-crime podcast for fans of Serial

Venture through a futuristic wasteland in this isometric adventure game

A few more projects to explore

Bike-centric feminist sci-fi

Vincent van Gogh, the action figure

The neuroscience and mythology of love, explored via animation

A soulful visual album influenced by Stevie Wonder and Roberta Flack

Seasoned journalists go “off assignment” to tell the stories behind their stories


Does college radio still matter? (Pitchfork)

Hand-drawn infographics by W.E.B. Du Bois (Public Domain Review)

Stream twenty-two films from Black cinema’s earliest pioneers (Slate)

Ten creators on the future of apparel, retail, and wearable tech (Kickstarter)


Ask the Magic 8 Ball


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